Dirth was recently formed in early 2013 from the inner Melbourne city streets referring to what should have been a living baby being born from it's mother, thus "birth" but instead the baby has come out dead, hence "dirth". Can be used as both a noun and verb in these instances.

Noun: The physical emergence of a stillborn baby or other lifeless young from it's mother. What was meant to be the start of life as a physically separate being but instead is the start of death of a physically separate being.

Verb: Give dirth to (a stillborn or lifeless baby).

Though the term dirth is perhaps more commonly used as a noun, adjective, verb or adverb when referring to certain dishes of the Australian cuisine common to the East Melbourne suburbs.
James: "Yo Vic, what's cooking? Is that dirthed chicken I smell?"

Vic: "Yeah man, I was feeling pretty dirthy today and this is the dirthiest of chickens. Can someone give me a hand over here dirthing this?"

James: "That's dirth as"
by Grundlers April 21, 2013
Top Definition
phonetic spelling of the word "dearth", which means "an insufficient quantity or number"
The lack of research in the area has contributed to the dirth of information on the subject.
by Ania Moog March 19, 2006
correct spelling is derth
It means lack. Without.
The boy had a derth of experience.
by Verla Sweere July 06, 2005
the brown ring around the outside of the anus
i licked her dirth, then i stuck my finger inside her asshole
by electricjesus August 01, 2005
imaginary word made by ignorant girls
Audra says, "there really is a word!!!! i just forgot what it meant....."
by adam April 04, 2005
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