1. A filthy bastard! To smell like ass!
2. A pervert! A porn king!
1. Gene is a dirtbag!
2. Bill is a dirtbag!
by ben-wah! April 04, 2003
A dirty person. One who is discusting. One who commits dirty acts.
What a dirtbag!
by Anal-aaa November 23, 2002
Someone who is associated with listening to country music. Generally lives and works in the same location, enjoy simple things like trucks, drink'n beer.
Hey did you hear that new dirtbag song about the guy who lost his girl, and his truck?
by the real ok November 04, 2011
A go-bigger often seen "haxin' the thrash" atop the biggest rails, boxes, hills, bumps, humps, jumps, and lumps. Those coon-slayin, varmin-layin, red-headed rap-scallywags with a big hairy mess right above the top lip.
See that guy right there; the one who just nailed it? Yeah, he's a dirtbag."
by DirtyThrashin January 05, 2010
A bag filled with dirt.
When I opened the dirtbag, no dirt was to be found!
by Starr February 11, 2005
The eqivalent of having a dirt stach on a guy's sac
Ya know Jenny, Kenny has a got a dirt bag.
Really? I was told he shaved that off last week.
by LittleMinion August 29, 2008
mainly origionated in darwen, lancs! a breed of female to which a packet of quavers will gain u entry into their vagina
oh my god wot a dirt bag it only took me 5 mins of bullshit to scuttle her!
by james shaw May 05, 2005

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