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a kid like matt baldwin who shits on cars
that kids such a dirtbag
by Steve42222 November 12, 2005
Anybody like Kevin Greer, chaminade high school student in mineola who plans to grow out his hair until he receives a demerit.
Wow look at that poop on your pants...you're a dirtbag!
by brother April 09, 2005
A dirty person. One who is discusting. One who commits dirty acts.
What a dirtbag!
by Anal-aaa November 23, 2002
mainly origionated in darwen, lancs! a breed of female to which a packet of quavers will gain u entry into their vagina
oh my god wot a dirt bag it only took me 5 mins of bullshit to scuttle her!
by james shaw May 05, 2005
The eqivalent of having a dirt stach on a guy's sac
Ya know Jenny, Kenny has a got a dirt bag.
Really? I was told he shaved that off last week.
by LittleMinion August 29, 2008
A bag filled with dirt.
When I opened the dirtbag, no dirt was to be found!
by Starr February 11, 2005
person who is unattractive.

person who has slept with a lot of people.
michael- yo do you see that shouty (female)?

Aaron- who Shan?

michael- yea

aaron- she a dirt bag
by Sw33tNYCandie July 25, 2009