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A dirt snake is the greasiest creature you could ever meet in the woods or elsewhere. He/she is not to be trusted, and usually splatters grease and slime everywhere they go. On top of the grease, there usually is a rank odor, and a full grown dirt snake may have a dirt mustache or other greasy facial hair. Avoid dirt snakes at all costs, and dont let them slide into your life and cover everything in shit.
1. Hey you fucking dirtsnake, why don't you fuck off and die! I dont want your smelly ass anywhere near here and ill fucking kill you if i see you again.

2. Dirtsnake: Hey, do you think you could add some bacon grease to that poutine?
Mcdonald's employee: alright, Ive had enough you sneaky dirt snake. Get the fuck outta here before I shove this poutine up your dirt snake ass.
by jhawkin3 August 11, 2009
a long turd
Damn, I just hatched a brood of dirtsnakes in the toilet.
by BoatMeme May 23, 2003
Turds that are 2 feet or longer that wrap or sink into the shitter.
Jez Bob I just took a nasty stinky dirt snake.
by j.gibson February 17, 2008
An individual whose predominate feature is excessive dirtiness or greasiness. Often lives in squalor with little regard for basic hygiene or physical appearance.
"Did you see that dirt snake? He came riding in here on a pig-truck and ever since then the whole town has smelled like shit."
by Hubert_The_Hippo August 11, 2009

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