A long haired metal head druggie, also skode,dirt bag,metal head, head banger
Those guys hanging out in their lifted Bronco listening to Metallica are real dirt heads.
by lizajane May 02, 2005
Top Definition
A local of Minot, North Dakota. Characterized by a lack of social skills and an abundance of ignorance; a general hate of Air Force personnel; and a bad taste in music.
Only a dirt head would listen to this shitty ass radio station.
by Favorite Stranger April 17, 2010
Pronounced -- Dert'hed

A term which was commonly used to describe devout Nirvana listeners in the 1990's grunge era. A dirthead will, in most cases have long hair with the sides shaved, but there are different variations to this term, Skaters, Stoners, Goths and several other 90's cliques contain(ed) dirtheads, they are usually seen wearing D.A.R.E., Nirvana, or Metallica shirts.
I was a dirthead in Jr. High, I had to dress all prep and clean up once I got to High School and started workin.
by Dr4T7 February 15, 2006
A person, generally of the lower class.
Devout fans of Korn, ICP, Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Disturbed.
Fans of baggy jeans, sometimes, if they can afford a pair, they like to wear the pants with chains and zippers aplenty, they enjoy a pair of jean shorts with black socks that disappear into the bottoms of these jean shorts.

A dirthead will sit cross-legged in the dirt across from the school or at a party and piece a refry(or half cigarette) between their group of 5 or 6 smelly friends.

They will generally call this refry a cigarette, and will rarely have a whole one of their own.
Shane is the dirthead ambassador.

somebody dropped the remains of a cigarette on the ground, next to Shane's half drank beer. Shane goes to grab his beer and says, "dude! A cigarette!!!"

Has no idea where the cigarette came from and proceeds to smoke it.
by tabidabidoo September 12, 2009
We use this in New Mexico to describe people who live off the grid and don't want to have much to do with the trappings of society. Money, mortgage, things of that nature. It is a positive term. A hobbit would be a Dirt Head.
That dude lives like us. He is a dirt head. Solar power, water catchment, straight up gardener.
by HerPervertedMan January 02, 2011
A person of usualy lower class, but not reserved to, who is of the utmost atrocity. Generaly characterized by the scuzzy clothes and various types of mullets(the mullet however is not a definite characterisric). Usually lives in the drug ville part of time most of the time a habitual crank addict. Listens to Lynard Skynard and other rd neck type bands, possibly Dire Striats. Red neck music is not a dead give away however for the dirt head also listens to rap music while professing to be quote un-quote "pecker wood."
Billy Ray Cyrus
any person with ray for a middle name
steven wyatt
by Graham January 02, 2004
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