a man with a penis in which it bends down instead of up. Like a upside down bendy straw. Often is gay, or likes one girl for way too long of a time. uncircumcised and lacks getting pussy. Known for being stupid or getting paid for doing stupid things, he is an idiot, but funny, and has a really really really cool friend named nick.
Dude, his dick is a total dirk, actually, he's just gay.
by kaska April 08, 2007
A "Dirk" is an Infidel word for a Middle-Eastern or Terrorist.
In Team America: World Police, they fight against the Terrorists of Dirka-Dirkastan, who speak with a few simple words: Dirk, Dirka, Muhama, Jihat and Allah, all words from the Muslim releigion. Jihat being a Holy War and Allah being one of their Gods.
by Matt Holloway April 06, 2006
The words dick and jerk put together.
It was made when my freind accidentally said it when trying to say dick, and so i decided he ment dick and jerk.
What a dirk!
Man that guys a dirk.
by Duey June 01, 2006
slang for daren, darnoosh, derek
hey dirk, give me the coke
by Daren Slecto October 16, 2006
v. to nag incessantly even when you have already received an answer. dirking is especially effective when ordering a liscence plate.

also dirked, dirking
Don't dirk me, I'll send you the liscence plate once it's in.
by dirkisanidiot August 13, 2003
a large dumper; large human excrement
i took a dirk on josh's sisters chest...
by armwrestle April 30, 2006
Any homosexual who is always grousing about something.
I wish that stupid dirk would shut up.
by Daniel McCloud March 20, 2005
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