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Directoritis is a similiar condition such as "senioritis" "retire-itis" and just simple food itis. However, directoritis pertains to movie directors. The disease is most commonly acquired after the Oscars. Since the directors are loving their little gold oscar, they no longer make good movies, resulting in movie goers having to settle for less "quality" movies. This time of the year is usually a month or two after the oscars and is the christmas for Blockbuster economically. Soon after, the disease is cured and we can once again...see good movies.
Bill: Hey! Let's see a movie tonight!
Chad: Nah bro, nothing good is out...all the big shots have directoritis!
Bill: Wanna just see Race to Witch Mountain?
Chad: Nah..lets just rent Batman again!
by Adam Kringleschmidtberg March 18, 2009
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