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It's the diabolical, chronical, mythological
Psychological, make a model hoe, fuck a G
if you are extremely cool you might be Dirante-ish
by snoopy January 05, 2004
3 3
one tight motherfucker
Dirante is hella tight
by Mike December 23, 2003
3 2
the amazing, magnificent, diobolical, cunning, intelligent, remarkable, amazingly talented person

in other words nothing comes close to being like Dirante. he is everything you want to be
i wish i could be like dirante but im a loser...
by Sesshoumaru-sama January 04, 2004
2 2
The essence of cool
man yer cool but not as cool as....DIRANTE!!
by Bob the Builder January 04, 2004
2 2