Detroit slang coined by the infamous "Jerry Battle". This term refers to members of the female sex, typically those who are very attractive and have a decent, if not, respectable reputation.
I hear a lot of fine dips are going to be at the party.
by Twilight Wolf March 26, 2008
someone that is stupid or does something stupid; retarded, another way of saying retarded; short for dipshit
1) wow that guy is such a dip
2) hes got to be dip
by r3t4rd January 03, 2007
Smokeless Chewing tobacco of non-leaf texture, usually in some ground texture, such as fine cut or long cut.
I'm gonna have a dip of some Mint SKOAL Long cut, rather than a Chew of that Red-Man.
by JRW32 April 29, 2004
Liquidy substance resembling acid that melts toons.
Judge Doom: Can you guess what this is?

Jessica Rabbit: Oh my God, it's DIP!

Judge Doom: That's right, my dear! Enough to dip Toon Town off the face of the earth! Vehicle of my own design; 5,000 gallons of heated dip, pumped at enormous velocity through a pressurized water cannon. Toon Town will be erased in a matter of minutes.
by Roger Rabbittt February 16, 2010
(V., intransitive.) To exit, flee, leave, or escape the scene where you currently reside.
Yo, man, that nigga over there is whack! I'm 'bout to dip. Peace.
by Droctagon April 17, 2006
to dip a cigarette into a jar of liquid PCP/Dust in order to get fuck up
" Hey LaShockquah, did you hear that Rawockah fell on her muthafuckin face at the club after the bitch smoked 3 dips"
by Jkap November 02, 2003
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