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to leave quickly
damn, lets dip-set before someone catches us.
by writergrl25 February 17, 2010
7 4
leaving the vicinity ASAP without looking back

can be used casually
"oh shit cops, DIPSET!!"


"My momdukes is callin I gotta dipset."
by Beevy Stee August 14, 2009
7 5
To leave on location and go to another; Means the same as let's bounce
1 This place blows, let's dipset.
2 Bye guys, I'm dipsettin'
by ilovebball August 31, 2010
3 2
The Best Rap Group Since N.W.A. They are all from Harlem and The Bronx. They Consist Of Cam'ron, Juelez Santana Jim "Capo" Jones,J.R. Writer, Hell Relll 40 Cal., Jha Jah, Duke The God.The Diplomats are also afiliated with BYRDGANG which consist of Jim Jones, MAX B, Stacks Bundles, and Mel Murder(or Mel Matrix). The Diplomats also are afiliated with PURPLE CITY which consist of
Shiest Bubz "The Emperor",
Un kasa "The Crayon Man Rock Star"
Agallah "The Don Bishop"
SMOKE&NUMBER,A-MAFIA, and countless other members and afiliates.
"Dipset that Purple City Byrdgang, Hardbody That Purple City Byrdgang"
by C^HUBB$ November 21, 2006
33 32
When you surpass you're own self perceived potential.
When you are running as fast as you possibly can and have no energy left, then you proceed to run even faster. DIPSET!
by D.I.P.S.E.T February 27, 2011
1 1
A variable noun. Can be used in just about any situation. Most commonly used to reference male genitalia or a bump, divet or groove.
Man, Kenny you are trippin' on a dipset.
by rays11fan June 20, 2010
7 7
To leave in hasty manner usually after an awkward or life changing situation.
Thomas dipset from the opium den before the police arrived.
by FLEXmastaFLEX September 26, 2009
3 3