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A guy who leads on a lot of girls
OMG! he said the exact same 'sweet' thing to me! What a Dion !
by sometimesijustwantobeyou December 08, 2010
74 80
A very big loser , who is a ugly bitch man whore
Dion is so ugly
I know right !
by Sabrob July 27, 2011
40 85
DION means 'Daar Is Over Nagedacht'; which is Dutch for 'There's been thought about'. =)
DION is a term for the friendship between Gina and Lilian :)
It's made up in Trier, on a schooltrip.
We needed to explain why we were too late, and laughing ourselves to death :P. DIONN!

- What? DION. YEAAHH!!!
- On which name shall I order your dress? DION!:P
- *Thinking/doing the same* DION!
by LilianDionn November 21, 2006
24 80
a guy whos really annoying that doesn't know what he wants.
dion is bulky.
by jenny April 29, 2004
152 209
One who has relatively little
head coverage
" I have a dion who sends email
all the time"
by Mamamia August 16, 2004
22 83
A Mexican-American who enjoys the art of eating and sharing scat.
Dion Chavira is a major time scat-eater!
by Jeremy McLarty May 20, 2004
44 111
OMG! Your Driving Me Crazy! Stop Acting Like Dion!

Im Coming Out Of The Closet, Just Like Dion! Said Jonathan.

Wow, While I Was In Sanfrancisco I Saw A Lot Of Dions There!

Oh No! He's Starting To Be Dion! Ahh!
by Sharla Susook November 02, 2007
31 105