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to kill the joy in a situation.

to emit an akward noise into a situation.
Dude you just dinoed the situation

by Minorities+whitey March 04, 2010
42 26
usually someone who's heartless, and selfish, possesive, unfaithfull...
Dino: I love you...
Girl: How much!?
Dino: That much, that i would die for you..

and then he runs and tells another girl the same thing...
by 007M May 12, 2009
45 29
Generally used by someone of a low intelligence if something is really good.
Dannie : Huv you seen Boab's Nova

Jimmy : Aye man its pure Dino
by lol@you 1 July 27, 2009
35 22
A Dino Is Another Name For A Dimebag.
Hey I Wanna Buy A Dino.
by Cory Franchise May 21, 2008
49 37
The Axe wearing dinosaur who loves Erin.
Smelly fungus...smells like Dino!
by kik May 30, 2003
38 26
what your baby looks like after the first month of conception!
my baby looks like a dino. im one month prego.
by *($#^)%*^)*(!)%&)!@$*)@#$^*$#) November 05, 2009
36 25
Generally has a big vagina. Likes to spend the weekend at a cottage with his mate.(Who likes to be called his life partner). Loves trading 1 lots in the GGGGOOOOOLLLLDDDDD! Loves to order salad and ginger ale at the best steak house in Chicago. (Even my wife doesn't do that.) Loves to wear the same sweater everyday and is really into lumberjacks. Figuratively and litterally.
Colin you are such a Dino:)
Dino is one of a kind.

Playboy has so many Dino's in each issue.
Are you a boob, A** or dino type of guy? Eh?
by famer diggler February 16, 2010
30 21