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To take a dump in a bathroom without opening windows, turning on the ventilation fan, or providing any other way to let the smell out. Makes the entire immediate area smell like crap. Works very effectively in dormitory suites.

Derived from "hotbox."
One of those new guys crapboxed the suite again!
by mamarley February 07, 2011
A school bus that has been purchased by a private owner and converted for some purpose other than hauling people around, such as RVing. Can be a very economical, cost-efficient means of obtaining an RV.
I bought an old school bus and turned it into an RV! Now, it is a skoolie!
by mamarley July 14, 2011
A competition between two or more horns usually to see which is loudest. May take place between any types of horns, including car horns, truck horns, locomotive horns, ship horns, marching band horns, etc.
The marching band just had a horn battle with that train! I think it won!
by mamarley August 16, 2011
A slang term for fuel or lubricating oil produced from fossil-fuel crude oil, as opposed to synthetics which contain no petroleum derivatives. The name comes from the fact that crude oil is made up of decomposed dinosaur bodies.
Should I switch to synthetic oil in my engine or stick with dino?
by mamarley July 05, 2011

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