1. audrey
2. somebody who has very high sex appeal. almost to the point of coming off as a prostitute.
3. loving way of saying whore.
4. audrey
5. thizzin
lets blow this joint dinkis.
by Alexxxxxxx April 29, 2007
Top Definition
A person that is lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; or is annoying or irritating. An utterly foolish or senseless person. In other words, an idiot loser.
Dude, that guy definitely just picked his butt. What a dinkis.
by Bulldogdirt November 26, 2009
Plural of the word Dinkus.
"dude don't listen to them they're dinki.
by Nomnarrz November 10, 2010
Young blond haired child with a mustache.
Look at that fucker, looks like a mini Kurt Cobain with a mustache - dinkis
by Eddiedickenstein March 06, 2016
You, or in Spanish: tu, or in Japanese: anata
What the fuck are you fucking doing you fucking dinkis?
by Mr. Incredible January 11, 2005
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