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1. Fat, obese, tubby
2. shitty, crappy
1. Ew, that chick is DINGY!
2. Hahahah her house is soo dingy.
by Tommy Hollenbach November 24, 2007
i person who is clean but looks dirty
mann jarell looks dingy today
by vicktoria November 18, 2003
a young female's private
Mommy, my dingy hurts! Then quit touching it !!
by teremaria August 23, 2008
to stand someone up, like on a date or to break an arrangement.
i phoned bob up to see if he still wanted to go see that movie but he dingied me for this new chick he's seeing.
by sam rockwell October 21, 2003
a water pipe used for smoking..

a small boat attached to a larger boat.
Hey Johnny, pass me the dingy

we could take the dingy to shore
by sapporo ichiban December 21, 2003
A candyass tranny's pencil-thin, wimpy little excuse for a penis. Also known as a peny.
"OWW! You bit my little dingy! Now I'm going to cry! Boo-hoo, boohoo.."
by T.Ractorhead November 24, 2006
to be used in place as a noun
i dropped my dingy in the water.
dont touch my dingy.
by crossfire43112 October 18, 2006