A word teenagers use when they want to confuse people, or tell them they're sexy.
Mallorie said:"TAYLOR, YOU'RE SO DINGY!"
Taylor said:"WTF?"
Mallorie said:"That's a good thing! ;D"
Taylor said:"Oh...well then...I guess we be coolio ;D"
by Mallorie Johnston March 26, 2008
1. Fat, obese, tubby
2. shitty, crappy
1. Ew, that chick is DINGY!
2. Hahahah her house is soo dingy.
by Tommy Hollenbach November 24, 2007
i person who is clean but looks dirty
mann jarell looks dingy today
by vicktoria November 18, 2003
to stand someone up, like on a date or to break an arrangement.
i phoned bob up to see if he still wanted to go see that movie but he dingied me for this new chick he's seeing.
by sam rockwell October 21, 2003
a young female's private
Mommy, my dingy hurts! Then quit touching it !!
by teremaria August 23, 2008
a water pipe used for smoking..

a small boat attached to a larger boat.
Hey Johnny, pass me the dingy

we could take the dingy to shore
by sapporo ichiban December 21, 2003
to be used in place as a noun
i dropped my dingy in the water.
dont touch my dingy.
by crossfire43112 October 18, 2006
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