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It is when lint gets tangled up with your butt hair.
When I sat on the toilet and spread my cheeks dingle balls pulled my butt hairs out. Ouch that hurts.
by B.A.P. October 01, 2006
Mix of hair and toilet paper. Not to be confused with a dingleberry which is turd and hair.
A dingleball accumulated after I wiped my butt.
by WickedArcher August 30, 2008
A word used to describe the debris left on your butt if you don't wipe properly after you drop a deuce.
You know me - I'm gonna wipe one extra time - just to make sure there are no dingleballs hanging around.
by Powersiblings July 04, 2010
a big ball of shit that hangs from your ass hairs in the form of a ball( a dingle berry in the form of a ball)
that is one nasty lookin green dingle-ball hangin from yo' ass
by Paul_bubzy July 14, 2006
one who is so stupid that you can actually hear their balls jingle as they skip along
Rae-ann is a big hairy dingle balls.
by sshannon August 10, 2005
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