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19 definitions by wichita

What people really are.
Some people believe that all people are soft and sweet and gooey inside but people are really bastard coated bastards with bastard fillings. - Doctor Cox
by wichita November 07, 2007
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Noun, plural. Singular: Cylon.

A bio-mechanical race of workers developed in a distant part of the galaxy by humans not of terrestrial origin. Forced to work as slaves, the Cylons eventually turned on their creators and nearly destroyed them before a cease fire was called.

The Cylons continued to evolve, and the latest versions are nearly identical to humans and may be able to mate and reproduce with them.

Still angry about their past treatment, the Cylons have once again set out to destroy all humans everywhere.
The Cylons are about to attack, are you prepared to die?
by wichita October 27, 2006
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German word meaning run, ride or drive. It has no scatological reference in the German language.
Stupid Americans believe that fahrt is the same as fart, but it is not. Quit being stupid, Americans.
by wichita August 07, 2006
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Where you will end up if you don't listen to your mother; The place where family and friends will start imagining some loved one is if that loved one is significantly late.
If you don't start listening to me you will end up dead in a ditch!!!;
We all thought Bobbi Sue was dead in a ditch when she was 3 days late getting back from college.
by wichita February 08, 2008
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Somewhat arcane term referring to a Japanese car, ie, Honda, Datsun/Nissan, Toyota etc.
Some people dislike the rice grinder type of car, I have owned several and would gladly buy another.
by wichita June 28, 2006
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A type of boat of very simple design. Characterized by a flat bottom, tapered up at the bow and stern, with a rectangular plan form. Generally symmetrical in appearance, it may have a rudder at the stern, be of nearly any size and can be powered by just about anything ever used on a boat, from oars to sails to steam and internal combustion engines. Many barges are essentially un-powered scows.
I use my scow to traverse inland lakes and streams.
by wichita September 17, 2008
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A woman with excessively limp buttocks, so much so that they sag noticeably no matter what she is wearing.
Look at those droopy drawers on that gal, don't you want some of that?
by wichita January 07, 2008
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