verb. To stay somewhere after one is no longer wanted (much as a dingleberry does).
After having sex with Anna, Seth dingled around her apartment and wouldn't leave her alone despite her attempts to dislodge him (pun intended).
#dingleberry #linger #dislodge #seth #dingler #dingling #dingle #dingled #elise #hit it and quit it
by da dingler May 23, 2012
1. derived from latin, this great word had intrinsic value amoung the acient skittles of Rome
2. often used to make fun of a blunder or missunderstanding
3. A nicer alternative to retard or fucking idiot
1. "I fell down the stairs today" "YOU DINGLE!"
2. "WOW, this is like the 16th bithday of (persons name!)DINGLE it is her 16th birthday!"
3. Egg is a meat... DINGLE
4. Does being diabetic make your knuckles more cracky? DINGLE!

#dingle #poop #stick #junk #wrong
by stinkalina October 10, 2005
A tiny amount of excrement sometimes clinging to the anus in a round ball or dingleberry.
Y'all bess wash yo dingley ass. You got shit caked all up in yo dingletuft.
by 50 cent crack dealer October 14, 2003
Hair that grows on the scrotum.
Cotton briefs give me dingle berries...
by indepman October 12, 2003
1. A derivitive of dingleberry, meaning the same
2. The sound your balls make when you slap them back and forth between ur legs.
Man stop dingling, thats nasty.
by TRC Fo Life October 10, 2003
A small woodland were lesbians take young boys to corrupt them.
Oh Sue you didn't take him up the dingle again you dirty tike.
by Gimpton November 19, 2003
An Austrlian term refering to a minor car accident, often used by radio traffic reporters. See also: prang.
"Mate I had a bit of a dingle on the F3, now I gotta pay $200 for the bloody panel damage!"
by Komp June 20, 2004
(Rhymes with jingle)
Another great word for gettin' some.

Can also be used when tapping your free-swinging dick lightly on her leg/waist/anywhere else, and saying "dingle-dingle-dingle."
He: Hey, baby, I believe it's time for dingles.
She: Yeah, duh! I've been horny since lunch! Let's go!
He: Dingles it is!


He (hunched over her, usually in the missionary, letting his dick touch her a couple times): "Dingle-Dingle-Dingle!"
#dick #fuck #cock #puss #woman
by Al Shepard June 22, 2006
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