A small dent in my car caused by some cretin opening his car door into me. Could also be caused by a kid pushing an overloaded shopping cart through the parking lot.
Goddamnit! Lookit that frigging DING. I'll kill the bastard.
by Tom LaBelle February 07, 2005
1. A soft metallic sound
2. The word used to describe one's state of being at the early hours in the morning after a long period of sleep.
3. When everything becomes funny due to fatigue.
A) Jenny and Julie were so ding last night when I stopped by their room.
B) Shit, I am so ding!
C) They were so ding even the phone ringing was funny.
by Tutt 4th floor February 09, 2005
A word used to replace your country's currency. It originated in England, replacing the word 'pounds'.
That'll be 5 ding please mate.

Can i borrow some ding?

I've only got 2 and a half ding left

(for sums less than £1) - its 0.7 ding (i.e 70p)

I've just been paid! DING DING DING!!!
by Adam Long March 20, 2008
Mostly from northeastern United States.

1.) Means thing, aka see: ting.

2.) Also, word used to describe a small dent in a car.
1.) Hey, did yooos see dat ding out dere, it was a UFO and Elvis was driving!

2.) Did your car get damaged much? No, it's just got a ding in it.
by spinxcat August 06, 2004
to knee someone in the side of the leg effectivlly giving them a charlie horse
Fuck that asshole dinged me
by Cameron March 21, 2004
Otherwise known as a townie, kev, trev or charv, used to define such in Yorkshire, esp. York. Commonly found anywhere the police aren't, and primarily in large cities. Thought to originate in NE England, acting with aggression and covert hostility and wearing over-elaborate clothing and jewellry that seem to others not to go well together, e.g. Rockport boots, a white tracksuit, a large gold chain or medallion, sovereign rings and a white or burberry baseball cap, tilted at >45 degrees to the back of the head. Phenomena surround the methods of headwear attachment, though Blu-Tac is thought to be the most popular. Also used to insult others who do not subscribe to such fashions and characteristics.
There are some dings on the market stalls - make sure you stay away or they'll tax you!
by Sam January 02, 2004
means "correct". This term came from the sound a MAC makes when a file upload is complete, meaning "you accomplished your upload"
person 1: I think she is s complete gaphead.
person 2: Ding!
by bizon April 22, 2003
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