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Similar to door bell trade but the unscheduled arrival of a previous craigslist respondent showing up at your door unannounced for a repeat performance of the gay sex
Tony was suprised to receive ding dong dick from the butter face guy he did last Tuesday!
by the Square Gang April 14, 2008
When one has a sexual partner that you are not emotionally attached to but have sex with regularly. The action of ding dong dick is to represent the easiness of which getting sex with them is. Just ringing the doorbell will provide intercourse. The phrase is also a play in ding dong ditch.
I went over to her house to play ding dong dick
by Inside man June 28, 2013
a promiscuous lady who enjoys sexual intercourse with a penis every night, several times a night (a hoe)
"she went ding dong dickin with every guy in our school! what a whore!"
by mel and al December 09, 2014
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