A kickass black metal band from Norway. They have tons of cd's out (my personal favorite is puritanical euphoric misanthropia). They have a lead singer to die for who's name is shagrath and They were on ozzfest 2004, currently they're taking a 2 year break (yes I know, so sad. :(... but then they'll be back cause the battle rages on and on.
They also did the theme song for that show on mtv. Battle for ozzfest.
by Kristina Delonge November 15, 2004
Food fight for metal!
Holy shit! I saw Dimmu Borgir last night and I now have 2 assholes!
by Captain Finneus December 14, 2003
dark fortress. Also a great black metal band. Most people think Cradle of Filth is great black metal. While good, COF is nowhere near as good as Dimmu Borgir. or any other excessively "neato" bands, such as Morbid Angel, Opeth, Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, etc.
FINALLY! Dimmu Borgir is at ozzfest. and on MAIN STAGE too! w00t
by Shadow of a Man February 25, 2004
you think youve heard good metal, then you hear dimmu borgir. every new song i hear by them just blows me away.
tormentor of christian souls
by niggasense February 26, 2005
The most pretentious and bombastic of Black Metal bands, and, for that reason, the most enjoyable.
Take three impressive-sounding words that have nothing to do with each other and put them together. Then you have the title of the next Dimmu Borgir album!
by Killing Kittens June 23, 2004
Norwegian symphonic black metal band. While middle-aged people generalize their lyrics as dark and angsty, unlike The Beatles, they have the ability to cover more than one topic in a single album, including poetically challenging extremist conservative religious fanatics, the definition of morality, telling a narrative of Satan's assistant, and several more if you understand Norwegian.

Occasionally their music videos or lyrics contain unjustifiably objectionable material, but I interpret that this is their message to their fans not to become mindless followers of their band.
If you had to mass-generalize Dimmu Borgir, you'd have to call them a cross between heavy metal and classical.
by Kwing December 02, 2009
A lava-like broth made for dumb Icelanders.
'Ow bout a cup of dimmu borgir?
by Mr. Honest August 07, 2006
The best band ever with a really hot vocalist. Shagrath
True Norwegian Black Metal
by Rachelle January 08, 2004

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