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slang for (arguabley) the most powerful psychedelic drug on earth; DMT (Di Methyl Tryptamine) which is also a natural human neuro-transmitter thought to be related to birth, death, and the soul. Can be found in thousands of plant and animal species throughout the world, including humans. It is the active ingredient in the ancient tribal brew from south america; ayahuasca.
yo man i got some DiMiTri, shall we frolic through another dimension?
by andylandy January 19, 2007
Greek rooted name coming from the greek name Dimitrius. After the Goddess Demeter, goddess of fertility.
Dimitri is angry at you.
by Phibby January 22, 2006
means the act of being a badass sex god with bloody sick abbs, having a badass sex god for a boyfriend or preving at a badass sex god done the road or on the bus ect.
OMG he was soooooooooooo dimitri in the sack last night.

Honey how did u get a dimitri as a date for the social?!!!
by Jas!!!! July 01, 2009
the sweetest guy you will ever meet. he has a heart of gold and he will never let you down, Extremly handsome with an amazing smile. Great hair and just perfect all over
I like Dimitri
by hopeit9651_54 October 09, 2011
usually mentioned as the sexiest person in the world, could kill anyone, and gets all the pussy.
OMG..that guy over there is such a dimitri... he could do anything.
by coolio man April 21, 2010
A sweet guy who is confused about love. He is usually tall with a rock'n' body and dark hair. You can consider him a class clown. He is a fun person to be around. BUT Sometimes can be an asshole who plays with girls hearts. He goes back and forth between girls. Usually has a good girl standing in front of his eye but chooses to drift away from her although he knows she will be there in the end. Unfortunately, although Dimitri knows she will be there in the end he wont be able to have her as he once did. By then all she will want is to just be friends. He is not one to date because of his indecisiveness.
Dimitri is indecisive
by Eh papi October 14, 2011
A synonym used to describe those who are better than everyone else around them.
You think you're better than everyone else, but you're not... because I'm Dimitris!
by dson December 15, 2007
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