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Dimining ; Something that lacks of brightness, or just "word" having less of a meaning, regarding on a feeling of usefulness.

Almost dimining but still there; a see through almost dimining booty.

Your action today in the soccer team match, was dimining but your swift motion throughout the kicks was where it starts to get better!.
If i lost interest of this booty, it was cause it is dimining of itself
Dimining . Means lack of authority and or existance ; that is concept of higher power or authority over everything, what is dimining is what is lacking.
It is "Like you cannot over-dimer", Meaning you cannot nullify the effect or overuse.
Over-dimer means double use, or just over use. Of something to beyond its possibility.

(Dimining is throughout an action ; That will happen or that is foreseen.)
by x2v12 May 15, 2016
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