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a person that is annoying, possibly a dork, but definately not your friend. You despise them.
That dilweed wouldn't shut up during the entire movie. My cousing is a freaking harry potter loving dilweed.
by jeremy sandifer February 15, 2009
#1:A dick, a bitch, a guy, a wiener head, someone who is inconsiderate.

#2: A friendly insult, to say it because it sounds good with surrounding words.

#3: A greeting
#1: "What a dilweed for totally cheating on me!"

#2: "Dude your a dilweed!"

#3: "Dilweed!"

by Topsy Cretz March 05, 2009
small person who is basiclly weak and afraid
you little dilweed shit head
by yer February 09, 2006

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