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A dilp is commonly referring to a stuck up female, a bitch.
Gosh that girl Sierra is such a dilp.
by Vance Freeman May 18, 2009
D.I.L.P is acutaly an acronym that stands for Dad I Love Penis
Dude, that guy is such a dilp!
YE he probs is like dad i love penis
by James Restos September 11, 2008
Seven foot BFG (Big Fat Gay). Hes a sahafe militant brer, however, he steals AND THEN rinses all jokes.
awwwww you pulled a dilps!
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
The act of leaving in a quick manner.
I went home with that hawt girl that I met at the bar. Things were going well until I realized she was actually a he. I grabbed my clothes and dilped! I seriously had to dilp!

Friend: Yeah, man. I saw you sprinting down the street half dressed. You were really dilping!
by ITSANSS October 20, 2013
a moron lax player, gay toaster, of the matticus steelmanius race
well if it isnt DILP!!!
by G dubbya March 25, 2008

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