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A simple, idiotic bloated individual usually known to be a of child like nature and a collector of the popular card series of Yu Gi Oh, can also be known as a Galen.
Man that guy is such a dillweed!

I know bro, what a Galen!
by calehente May 11, 2012
4 11
self-censored version of the word dildo or the word dickweed for use in polite society.
"Stop being such a dildo" becomes "Stop being such a dill weed"
by jimn July 10, 2008
29 52
1.)a dumb, unintellectual, stupid person
2.)a bong in which a dildo is used
1.)That kid just failed his permit test what a dillweed.
2.)That kids a stoner, I bet he uses a dillweed.
by Genius Texan August 01, 2008
22 63
some one less irritating than a dillhole
His brother is a dillhole, but he prtty much just a dillweed.
by A. Cunning Linguist September 05, 2003
39 82
Poor qulity marijuana, reefer, weed, pot, 420, skunk, etc. etc.
WalterBailey broke out his swag bag and wanted to add some of his reefer to Willie Joes blunt, Willie Joe exclaimed, "Yo get that schwag bag full of dill weed the hell away from my blunt bitch!" "Dat shit be some serious dill weed!" WalterBailey cried and said "I'm so uncool".
by WalterBailey November 12, 2007
47 93
A person not having AT&T as his/her service provider. Being oblivious to the fact that his buddy was trying to call him with free basketball courtside tickets.
Bill is a dill weed because he doesn't realize the importance of having AT&T wireless cellular service.
by Lightboxes March 26, 2008
60 193