An arbitrary unit of measurement that is only used in reference to male genitalia.
I was at this party the other night, which was pretty much a sausage fest, and everybody was going commando. I think I saw at least one dillion dicks that night!
by Buster T. Foodcube May 24, 2010
Top Definition
n. Another word for male genitalia (i.e. penis)
I zipped up my pants too quickly and caught my dillion in the zipper.
by Nick Lane May 04, 2005
A guy around 6,2 or 6,3 usually hilarious can always make you laugh and always has a smile on his face.
The person that LOVES to do crazy thigs and could possibly always get you in trouble but you still love him.
Just a great person.
And did i mention hes probaly incredibly sexy too.
Dillion known as the funny one
by blue eyes 101 May 18, 2009
describes a thing, or performing an act of high success or quality, like saying "a belter"
"I smacked him a dillion"
by Stuart Little March 24, 2005
Phrase uttered by Glaswegian neds (see Ned) to express a variety of emotions / impluses / thoughts (if thinking is possible when strung out on Schweeties) including:
1) punch / beat up someone
2) indicate admiration for a female or car or fish supper.
3) indicate an extreme degree of the succeeding adjective / verb / noun.
Commonly preceeded by the word "pure".
First know use circa 1995 in a chippie in Maryhill Road - "Joahnny, dillion him" - now a common ned word used in any number of situations.
As in...
1) Ah'm gonnae pure dillion you, ya fuckin' dobbur!
2) Check oot that bird Donna-Marie, sheeza pure dillion - or - haw haw look at that E.V.O. (i.e. Mitsubishi evo) itza pure dillion. - or - haw brullyint, this chippie does a pure dillion roll and chip wi buckie, no?
3) You're a pure dillion bawbag. - or - haw they versace trackies are pure dillions - or - ah pure love Donna-Marie's sovvy rings, they're pure dillions.

Etc. etc.
by Esteban Tuero June 04, 2004
An ambiguous number equivalent to any of the numbers in the range between 10 and 15.
I'm going to drink a dillion beers tonight.
by Jonaman January 05, 2012
A shit ton. More than a Million, even more than a trillion for that matter.
I love Cassie a Dillion times
by GrettingsFromHell June 20, 2010
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