the old lead singer of this band shit his pants from screaming too hard on stage, good times
DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN bring the sick mosh brah
by Russian Mike September 28, 2004
Top Definition
The best fucking band in the fucking world.
I saw the dillinger escape plan on the plea for peace tour, they slayed.
by Honmableeds October 05, 2003
fucking crazy prog/jazzcore band. there time changes and lyrics are mindblowing.
if i saw the dillinger escape plan in concert i would probably cream myself.
by pete December 15, 2003
One of the greatest math/grind/hardcore metal bands to come out in a long time. Using crushing riffs, lots of time/tempo changes, screamed vocals, often interchanged with beautiful harmony in their later work, mental lyrical content and intense live shows, these are a band anyone into extreme metal needs to hear.

Notable albums include:

Irony Is A Dead Scene (Written with Mike Patton, need I say more?)
Calculating Infinity
Miss Machine

Seriously, check them out. I would recommend the songs "34% Burnt", "Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants", "Pig Latin", "The Running Board", "Sugar Coated Sour" and their version of Aphex Twins hit "Come To Daddy" is amazing.
Dude1 - Have a good time at the Dillinger Escape Plan gig last night?

Dude2 - It was fantastic. I can't see.
by PolarShocK September 04, 2009
Insanely awesome math-metal/hardcore band. See kick ass
There's no other way to describe them.
by Ryan Collins August 05, 2005
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