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One of the greatest math/grind/hardcore metal bands to come out in a long time. Using crushing riffs, lots of time/tempo changes, screamed vocals, often interchanged with beautiful harmony in their later work, mental lyrical content and intense live shows, these are a band anyone into extreme metal needs to hear.

Notable albums include:

Irony Is A Dead Scene (Written with Mike Patton, need I say more?)
Calculating Infinity
Miss Machine

Seriously, check them out. I would recommend the songs "34% Burnt", "Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants", "Pig Latin", "The Running Board", "Sugar Coated Sour" and their version of Aphex Twins hit "Come To Daddy" is amazing.
Dude1 - Have a good time at the Dillinger Escape Plan gig last night?

Dude2 - It was fantastic. I can't see.
by PolarShocK September 04, 2009

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