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gets lots of blow jobs, likes abbeys, and smokes a lot of weed. usually a pretty cute guy.
shit man, that dillian is always getting a blowjob
#booty #hot #whore #weed #balla
by nicole120093 February 06, 2009
Dillian is the name of a very sweet and generous boy. He is usually tall, slightly muscular, has dark brown eyes, and chocolate brown hair. Dillian is very attractive. He usually calls his girlfriend or spouse babe or baby and is very flirtatious. Dillian is very unique along with his name, and he is usually a player. Although he is popular and can act like a hot shot most of the time, he is actually very nice and sweet to the people he cares about.
Girl: Oh my gosh Dillian just asked me out!! Friend: Omg Im so jelly!!!
#player #hot shot #fuck boy #name #boy #hot #attractive #show off
by alilove13_ May 26, 2015
1. The ship-name of a Gillian (or "Jillian") and a Daniel
2. A term for an awesome couple who are meant to be with eachother forever
"Look at that Dillian over there, they're going to get married one day."

Gillocrates Daniel Gillian Jillian Harry Potter Anime
#gillian #daniel #a perfect couple #bffl #opposite of taylor swift
by Shanarl April 27, 2013
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