1. The urinary meatus; The pee-hole.
The bitter end of the human urinary tract.

2. A person not acting according to your likes.
1. Had to go see the doctor this morning, as it burned so badly when I urinated I learned a new dance.

2. Joe! Pass the ketchup and stop being a dillhole.
by ButtFuzz December 31, 2013
Any who impeds your progress whether in a car or motorcycle
A freshly douched cunt
A hole in wich a Dilldoe is placed
He stuck it in Her Dillhole
by Dill hole April 26, 2006
a surgeon or other professional of "great importance" who buys condos for a multitude of girlfriends.
she had sex with him and the dillhole bought her a condo.
by okiedoikie August 11, 2006
a softened term for an irrational, unbalanced, and possibly dangerous person who meddles in the business of and annoys those around him/her.
"That Aaron Conner hacked my site because I met a new guy. He's such a dillhole!"
by Auslander2 November 03, 2006
1. a person who SUCKS ASS and embarrasses you as well as your friends in a public place.

2. one who needs to be shot

3. all of the above which equal Matt Acuna.
by bananasncreme August 21, 2005
someone that has done or said something offensive. can also be used as a term of endearment
-"oh you stole my soda!"

-"your mom!"

-"you dillhole!"

-"i can't believe you dropped it, haha, you dillhole"
by jaylea:strangely[[satisfying]] October 20, 2008
1. Dildo hole
2. Someone who eats a lot of dill and has a hole.
Kaven is a dillhole lover and has many strap on cocks.
by Noah Judson February 22, 2007

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