1. The urinary meatus; The pee-hole.
The bitter end of the human urinary tract.

2. A person not acting according to your likes.
1. Had to go see the doctor this morning, as it burned so badly when I urinated I learned a new dance.

2. Joe! Pass the ketchup and stop being a dillhole.
by ButtFuzz December 31, 2013
a surgeon or other professional of "great importance" who buys condos for a multitude of girlfriends.
she had sex with him and the dillhole bought her a condo.
by okiedoikie August 11, 2006
someone that has done or said something offensive. can also be used as a term of endearment
-"oh you stole my soda!"

-"your mom!"

-"you dillhole!"

-"i can't believe you dropped it, haha, you dillhole"
by jaylea:strangely[[satisfying]] October 20, 2008
Any who impeds your progress whether in a car or motorcycle
A freshly douched cunt
A hole in wich a Dilldoe is placed
He stuck it in Her Dillhole
by Dill hole April 26, 2006
1. a person who SUCKS ASS and embarrasses you as well as your friends in a public place.

2. one who needs to be shot

3. all of the above which equal Matt Acuna.
by bananasncreme August 21, 2005
1. Dildo hole
2. Someone who eats a lot of dill and has a hole.
Kaven is a dillhole lover and has many strap on cocks.
by Noah Judson February 22, 2007
When You Have a dumb ass friend who sticks a pickle up his ass to get his ex to take him back.
Joey, you are literally a dill hole.
by liyffuk;seflks August 11, 2009

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