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the button under the receiver on landline phones that is pressed to disconnect the call.
we are sorry the number you have dialled is not available, please send a text or try again, please press the diggle to disconnect the call.
by nikclarok October 06, 2011
10 4
A word that can be used as a verb, noun, name, or anything the user feels like using it as.
It is common for "pop" to be added after the usage of "diggle" as a replacement for dude, man, or other "bro-names". There is only sexual connotation when applied.
Yo Alex, what up, diggle pop?

Oy, Diego, will you pass me some diggle?

Hey Jack, wanna go diggle later?

Schuyler, I hear you are a good diggler?

That man is one chill diggle.

by Sir Diggle Pop March 22, 2009
60 32
A man who likes to play with things
on other people
Dirk Diggles Daves dates
by Ammeg July 30, 2008
8 2
meaning that you agree with something a person says
"That girl at the movie theatre was so hot man."
by godly head December 29, 2011
3 1
A Small Village In Northwest England, Full of Sheep Similar To Denshaw.
You Going To Diggle Later To Molest That Sheep?
by iknowyourmum November 27, 2011
3 8
to tickle someone by digging one's fingers into their flesh, resulting in painful tickling.
He diggled me and left a bruise on my arm.
by flyinghigh0905 January 25, 2011
2 9
To tickle and dig at the same time.
Don't diggle me, that hurts!
by Sassem December 30, 2009
2 17