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Time to go watch some Diggins
by ayse10 December 27, 2010
12 6
when you like something
-hey look at my new shirt
- im deff diggin that shirt
by annymon June 10, 2009
228 51
The realization that you slept with a girl who had just slept with another guy before you; sloppy seconds.
Aw man, that's the diggins.

Is that your jizz on your dick or were you just digginsed?
by mysticalmoose March 12, 2010
3 8
In general it's pleasuring yourself.

Better way of saying jacking off && fingering yourself.
I know that broad ain't over there diggin....
by S.T.A.G September 11, 2011
19 27
diggin- to go into the woods or swamp, to dig holes looking for indian artifacts
lets go diggin this weekend
by downtownhunterbrown January 20, 2009
22 68
Supposedly when a person is flooding really bad.
Hell naw ha pants high as hell! She diggin on chief!
by Xania April 19, 2007
12 81