(v.) the act of sodomizing an unsuspecting homosexual negroid; often results in the contraction of AIDS. When diegoing, the perpetrator lures in a pack of niggers with a bucket of fresh KFC. As the apes feast on the chicken, he thoroughly inspects them, searching for the one with the largest, most African elephant dick.

Although penises with piercings and other tribal deformities are preferred, the largest cock will suffice for diegoing. Once a suitable porch monkey is selected, he will coerce the creature with pictures of female apes. As the negroid achieves a massive erection, the diegoer will sneak up and position his well greased anus above the shaft.

In one swift motion, the perpetrator impales his ass on the cock and rides it like a cowboy from Brokeback Mountain, eventually causing the negroid to ejaculate. In the final step of diegoing, the sick fuck will proceed to collect the semen and pour it over fresh bean tacos, as he is usually Mexican or some corrupt variant. As he eats the tacos, the diegoer smiles with joy, contemplating his next victim.
Diego: My asshole is feeling really tight, you wanna go diego tonight?

Jared: Sure! I'd love to go, although I call dibs on your freshly made semen-covered tacos, I'm too much of a curly headed fucking jew to pay for Taco Bell! Did I mention I'm gay?
by Von Cockenstein December 17, 2010
Top Definition
someone that is really attractive and has a nice personality too. sometimes has a beard too.
wow he's definatly a diego. just look at him! or he looks like he may be a diego.
by mike w February 14, 2005
A guy who is afraid to admit what he really wants and acts differently around certain people. If he's into you, you're his queen but once that's over he's a big douche. He doesn't like to admitting he likes you after it's well passed.

Beware: Tries to make you jealous with other girls, yet he's the sweetest and cutest thing in this planet.
My man is such a Diego.
Oh why couldn't he be more like Diego?
by Stephania Bermutez December 20, 2008
A rich, good looking Hispanic man, primarily of european descent, who spends his spare time romancing white sorority girls at private universities.
Frat Boy 1: Are you still with Cindy?
Frat Boy 2: Nah man, I caught her in bed with some diego, so we broke up.
by mplad September 13, 2006
The most sexiest guy alive and did i mention the most sweetest and lovable and horniest!!!
Diego Rulz
by Karina March 04, 2003
(v.) a loving,caring,sweet,adorable,charming,intelligent,cute,dorky, boy that loves his family,friends,his girlfriend, and soccer!! He is a complete dork that makes you smile and laugh. he cares for others interests and feelings. he cares for his future. he loves kicking the ball, and is awesome at it too. he loves his girlfriend with all his heart, he will do anything to make her happy!! he loves life, and is perfect in any and every way.
My baby is such a Diego!! <3.
by Thanya Santana. :) July 06, 2011
a being of great magnitude. he is handsome, smart, and caring. he can be slow sometimes. but there is nobody that could ever be loved more than him.
girl: man, that guy is totally hot.

kaylynn: that's my diego, i'm going to marry him because im totally in love with him.

girl: oh.

kaylynn: so back off.
by His Cinna Bon January 22, 2009
Verb- Major steez; highest level on the steezmometer

Noun- The most pimpin person in the world.
Diego: "Hey girls"
Girls: "Fuck me Diego"
by Waffy AJ May 07, 2009
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