Die In an Electrical Fire
I hate that fucker... wish he'd dief.
by Vaun December 16, 2003
Top Definition
To point at one's face to emphasize that you do not care. To point to an emotionless face and say "Do you see any concern on my face?" In other words "I DON'T CARE!"
"I really don't think he gives a shit. He just gave me the Dief point."
by BSO May 26, 2007
The male version of a quif. When one of your pussy friends farts or spews some kind of crap out of any orifice of their body that would put their manliness in serious doubt. For those men that are not manly enough to fart and too big of a pussy to even quif. Also can be used to describe when a friend commands attention before farting, uses great theatrics in delivering, and then lets out nothing but a failed, muffled butt sigh.
You and your buddy are sitting a bar ordering drinks. You ask for beer and your buddy says to the bartender "Do you make a good cosmopolitan?" You look at your buddy and say "Why you gotta be such a fucking dief?"

You and your friend are sitting on the sofa watch UFC. He lifts his butt check towards you and gives you a shit-eating grin. You know what he's trying to send your way. He pulls the trigger and let's out a complete dud. You laugh and say "Nice dief, douche bag."
by Spydog January 23, 2010
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