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The sphinx of pedophiles.
"Answer me these questions three. Question the first: Will I diddle you? Questions two and three: refer to question one."

-The Diddler
by Sexual Waterslide April 13, 2009
One who thinks sexually unlawful things about children. Derived from "kiddy diddler". One doesn't actually have to touch a child to be a diddler. Anyone who promotes, is involved in, or looks at child pornography, can be considered a diddler. Goof-diddler is a stronger variation of diddler. it suggests that the person being called it (a diddler of high recogizance) went to prison for diddling. Fuckin' diddlers. Diddlers make you feel guilty for having a girlfriend younger than you because of the unsettleness in society, having heard too many stories of diddlers being put behind bars.
These fuckin' goof-diddlers are giving our city such a bad name. The diddler vibes pulsating from them are so strong, I feel felonious taking my girlfriend, who is 3 years younger than me, out in public, as I, myself, feel the adamant eyes of fellow citizens around me indubitably convicting me of the loathesome act that is goof-diddlitry.
by Chance January 19, 2005
a child molester. derived from "kiddy diddler". one doesn't actually have to touch a child to be a diddler. anyone who promotes, is involved in, or looks at child porn especially on a school computer, and then gets caught and suspended for it, but doesn't get the clue, and then gets busted twice by the police for possesion of child pornography on their home computer can be considered a diddler.
matt cohen is such a diddler
by ya September 02, 2004
Slang for ecstasy pills or similar pills
"Man, I can barely stand up, see straight, remember my name or even talk, but have you got any diddlers to sell?"
by Green Renegade July 24, 2008
A Pedophile, Someone who has an attraction to little children.
"That man in a burgandy sweater is a diddler!"
by Hoochlovers January 08, 2008
Class of 2004 at OHHS
"Man look at that picture on diddlers.info"
by sheezy June 23, 2004
a young man who dates an underage girl. there is nothing really that wrong with this, it's just frowned upon in society.
"My 21 year old buddy went out wit a 16 year old girl"

"Wow, what a diddler!"
by Barawootski November 14, 2006