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An Arabic word meaning "secret of God".
"There is a sacred place that Razel keeps safe."
by Chance May 06, 2005
One who thinks sexually unlawful things about children. Derived from "kiddy diddler". One doesn't actually have to touch a child to be a diddler. Anyone who promotes, is involved in, or looks at child pornography, can be considered a diddler. Goof-diddler is a stronger variation of diddler. it suggests that the person being called it (a diddler of high recogizance) went to prison for diddling. Fuckin' diddlers. Diddlers make you feel guilty for having a girlfriend younger than you because of the unsettleness in society, having heard too many stories of diddlers being put behind bars.
These fuckin' goof-diddlers are giving our city such a bad name. The diddler vibes pulsating from them are so strong, I feel felonious taking my girlfriend, who is 3 years younger than me, out in public, as I, myself, feel the adamant eyes of fellow citizens around me indubitably convicting me of the loathesome act that is goof-diddlitry.
by Chance January 19, 2005
The sport, or art, depending on your affiliation, of inserting live human midgets into your ass for the express purpose of sexual gratification.
Did you see the size of that little colored midget that SheikEric felched last night?
by chance June 19, 2003
A small town in southwest Virginia, known for it's Highlands Festival each year. Living there makes one's life freeze or be permanently put on hold.
Please leave now if you don't want to waste it all.

Hometown of actors Gregory Peck and Ernest Borgnine, fashion photographer Jon Coulthard, film director Pax deChirico.
Abingdon is killing the live of it's teenagers.
by chance April 08, 2005
Loser with vacant brain that has nothing better to do than watch the progress bar of his download.
Look at Loser Leopauld watch his stupid download go! That download-watcher is a true waste of life and skin!
by Chance January 12, 2009
to caw or cry out like a raven or a crow.
the crow was cawing at the other birds from far away
by chance July 22, 2003
dressing and acting like an african american; whigger-like, having an african american facade
"Look at that white fool over there, with all his bling. That mofo is negrotic."
by Chance December 17, 2003
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