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a child molester. derived from "kiddy diddler". one doesn't actually have to touch a child to be a diddler. anyone who promotes, is involved in, or looks at child porn especially on a school computer, and then gets caught and suspended for it, but doesn't get the clue, and then gets busted twice by the police for possesion of child pornography on their home computer can be considered a diddler.
matt cohen is such a diddler
by ya September 02, 2004
Basically the baddest mother fucker around.
Damn he is doubtful.
by ya January 04, 2004
School that sucks at everything. None of their sports teams are good. They are known for being "smart" although they really arn't. The school doesn't even have a freaking football team, much less any other sports that count. And the few they do have, they suck at. Their grades arn't much different compared to Malvern's. And many of them have more beemers then bill gates. Devon people suck at life... therefore... the suck at everthing
a school that it not good and no one likes
by ya March 03, 2005
a hooker that wanks of
i dont think u need an example
by ya November 22, 2003
v. to feel
as in he feels her landingstrip
by ya January 11, 2004
Going out with Palmela Handerson.
I cant play video games tonight, cause I got a date with Palmela Handerson.
by YA June 03, 2003

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