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the smacking or stiking with an erect or semi-erect penis, usually of a woman's face or ass
I like to dickwhip her bare ass as she brushes her teeth in the morning.
by Big Steve September 04, 2003
whipping ones dick across anothers face or other body part by rotating the hips to cause a whip like effect. usually done as a prank to a friend
My girlfriend wouldn't swallow so I dick whipped her.
by duckshit yellow April 05, 2011
A male who slaps another male with an erect or semi-erect dick
Alonzo dickwhips Andrew every day
by DrPhil October 17, 2003
When a man whips a woman in the face with his dick, like it's a pistol.
Ron:I'll dick whip that bitch in the face when she goes to stand down, if she wants to give me head.
Gary: well goddamn.
by Everythingzen March 12, 2015
To hit someone across the face with the magic stick...also shapap
Bitch was acting up so i dick-whipped her
by J September 02, 2003
To whip someone with a limp dick. Whipping must be administered on wither the ass cheek or the face.
"Call me a pussy one more time! I'm gonna dickwhip you!"
by Teddy "Bear" Topper January 19, 2009
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