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A male who, against all odds, lacks the typical male genatalia. Or, used figuratively, used to describe a male who does not actually lack said genatalia but rather possesses a extremely small set or behaves in a manner that denotes a lack of male genatalia even if such genatalia are in fact present in said male.
"Assface," said Steve.
"Cock Goblin," said Joseph.
"Dickless wonder," countered Steve.
by Yanni DC July 08, 2006
Singular. One who possesses the qualities of complete douchebaggary. Usually associated or aimed at pledges or GDI's.
Look at this pledge fuck he is acting like a dickless wonders.

Hey brother, this Sig Ep didn't finish his beer, what a dickless wonders.
by TXSIG September 24, 2008
a "man" who thinks that treatin' girlz like shit is the way of life!! (similar to an asshole) he is called a dickless wonder 'cause although he may have one, he doesnt act like it.
Mike is a dickless wonder, you deserve better.
by B*_*V_* April 18, 2008
a dickless wonder is someone who cant get a hard on that trys to pick up young girls.
old guy says hey baby wanna get love from a real man once you go old you dont go back.
young girls say your nothing more than a dickless wonder trying to get young tail and you cant get it up.
by funny chick February 25, 2009
a chick that likes to emphasize the fack that she is dickless and considers heself a wonder the name pretty much states it
you likeme cuz i am a dickless wonder and you wish you could be
by as i lay dying bury us all August 19, 2008
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