One who has no dick; or having no Prick.Prickless
"Keith Gordon of Springfield, Mass. is Dickless."
by yo'baby's momma September 24, 2004
Top Definition
ONe without having a male sex organ or one that lacks courage.
Cletus is DICKLESS because he doesn't want to step up to that hottie.
by fun-o-bunz August 13, 2003
A person with no genitals or dick 'literally' . A man who is ashamed for obvious reasons to show whatevers lurking underneath his pants.
Sal vitale is a dickless guy whos afraid to show anybody his stump.
#stump #dickless #weird #creepy #small
by feefce January 13, 2008
1)No Balls
2)Someone who has no dick
3)Pussy little sissy boy
Bill, you are a "Dickless" coward, grow a dick.

Tim, you no balls fuck.. First things first. I know you have a dick, but you need to get a new one. Only this time, get one that has some balls attached to it.
by Jello December 17, 2004
One without a dick
That boy is dickless
by Phr0s7 April 05, 2003
usually a male, with a lifted truck from orange county. dickless because the height of their truck compensates for the lack of size in the bulge. they drive brand new full sized trucks that are raised high enough to the point of stupidity. will also never see dirt or mud, which is typically the point of lifting a truck. instead they drive it around to look badass when infact they are far from.
"how is the weather up there you dickless fuck?"
#cock #yuppie #asshole #poser #idiot
by jayare September 23, 2005
A character in a joke.
They called him dickless because he didn't have a dick.
One time he heard that this woman after her husband left for work would go get a pickle and put it in a knothole in the floor and fuck with it.
So he paints his dick green and climbs under the house and sticks his dick up through that knothole in the floor. The woman thinks his dick is a pickle and starts fucking with it. He was having a good time till her husband comes back from work early and pulls into the driveway.
She tries to get it out of the knothole but can't do it.
So she kicks the pickle under the bed.
Did you hear the one about dickless.
#dick #cock #goober #wang #cherry poper
by Deep Blue 2012 August 11, 2009
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