A character in a joke.
They called him dickless because he didn't have a dick.
One time he heard that this woman after her husband left for work would go get a pickle and put it in a knothole in the floor and fuck with it.
So he paints his dick green and climbs under the house and sticks his dick up through that knothole in the floor. The woman thinks his dick is a pickle and starts fucking with it. He was having a good time till her husband comes back from work early and pulls into the driveway.
She tries to get it out of the knothole but can't do it.
So she kicks the pickle under the bed.
Did you hear the one about dickless.
by Deep Blue 2012 August 11, 2009
A word to describe men or boys who pick on women or girls to boost their self esteem. These creatures will feed on your insecurities to feel okay about his own. He is generally without any very good friends. This is just a more creative term for an asshole and such.
Boy: You are a flat bitch!
Girl: Take a look of what's in your own pants before you tell me what's in mine dickless!
by +vibes+ June 21, 2014
Slang used in san jose ca for a loser, a chump, having no balls.
Eric is dickless for not wanting to come.
Oh there dickless dorin again for chicken-ing out.
by renan November 08, 2005
Some one with no Dick. A dickless Prick!
Everyone here in the video store is fucken dickless.
by Ray September 30, 2003
a man without a dick.
Oi Sam! go for it man it that shit, or are you dickless?
by joosy poosy May 04, 2003
A man with any name exept for Richard
My name is not Richard aka Dick.
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
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