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A gurl who is with a lot of guys in a short time period (sorta like a pimp).
Michelle Lynn Perez is a dickjuggler.
by joey2183 May 14, 2007

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A skanky ditzy woman who thinks she can manipulate men with her presence. She is not professional nor does she exude professionalism she just juggles men to her selfish advantage. She makes hard working women look bad.
Look at her, she's such a dick juggler and those men actually think they might have a chance. She makes women look bad. What a skank a dick juggler.
by female wolf December 22, 2011
when someone (male) has nothing better to do than sit in his room and juggle his junk (not to jack off).
dude gilberto is such a dick juggler
by ogpussymagnet June 20, 2010