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Female Version.
A girl who is on the prowl and looking for some action. Though she comes on strong, the night may or may not culminate in rowdy sex- depends on how much of a tease she is.

Also a verb expressing the actions of a Dickfisher.

Emily: After a few drinks Eliza turns into a straight up dickfisher.
Emma: I know! She is probably the horniest drunk I know.

"Look at that girl rubbin' up on Jason. That is some prime dickfishin' if i've ever seen it."
by Ick-Tik December 28, 2009
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An insult towards a male who tries to act unneccesarily macho or manly in order to better his own self esteem.
Guy: He's been such a dickfisher lately.
Guy 2: Well yeah, after coach called him a wuss he'll do anything to get his manhood back.
by Miss Emma Leigh December 27, 2009

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