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Just like breastfeeding but replace the breasts with your dick and an infant with a hot chick.
Hipster 1: Yo man that chick from last night was sooo hot, did you dickfeed her?
Hipster 2: No man, the date rape was wearing off and I had to get out of there.
by Hipster Doofus. August 07, 2008
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Dick feeding describes the event wherein the shotgun of a penis shaped piece is being modulated by a fellow smoker/innocent bystander whilst the individual taking the hit uses two lighters to cherry bowl as he or she embraces him or herself for what can only be described as a godlike hit.
"Yo Derek, feed me that dick man."

"Give me your hand mayne, it's dick feeding time."
by hellzyamang September 08, 2009

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