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A cookie in the shape of a penis. Has received the most notoriety on Penny Arcade with a yearly contest in where individuals are encouraged to post pictures of creating/enjoying the pastry.

Can also mean two or more men in a spa
These dickerdoodles are delicious!

No I don't want to get into the spa with you, it'll be like we are making dickerdoodle soup!
#dickerdoodles #dickerdoodle #dick cookies #guys spa #penny arcade
by ezdu March 13, 2010
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v. To waste time on nonessential hobbies or interests. Usually in the presence of other people, ignoring them. In general to screw around.

Frequently used in the present participle tense: dickerdoodling

n. Anything you want dickerdoodle to represent. Usually an object or food. Often used when one forgets the name of the object.
Michael: "Hey Spence what do you think of my new Clark shoes?"
... no answer... Spence is playing on his new iPhone
Michael: "Spence STOP dickerdoodling on your new iPhone and look at my damn shoes!"

TBone: "Hey Spencer what are you doing today?"
Spence: "I'm just gonna dickerdoodle at home today."

Michael: "Hey Mr. Al can you pass the dickerdoodle?" (pointing to the television remote)
Mr. Al: "No problem"

Sitting at Olive Garden waiting for a seat and the buzzer starts to vibrate.
Michael: "Oh shoot bud! Finally this dickerdoodle to going off!"
#dicker-doodle #dickerdoodling #dickerdoodleling #waste time #dicker
by mjdavila September 30, 2010
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