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Any radio station program director who changes a rock station to easy listening.
You guy's must think i'm a real dick cheeseburger.
by slmdawg February 10, 2011
1) An excessively amorous man of the bisexual-styled sexuality.
2) A sugar uncle
3) A sugar cane
3) Sugar lumpkins
4) A Russian girl who will remain nameless and will instead be dubbed "dickcheeseburger"
5) Please send help
6) They're trying to kill me
7) Help
"You are the biggest dickcheeseburger ever."
"Let's go to the park and have fun."
by Brent K July 02, 2006
Action when a male takes his flacid penis and wraps it around and between his two balls....and rotates it 90 degrees.
Our faces are in mourn as we look at Pat's dickcheeseburger!
by Anthony and Greg February 18, 2005

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