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A bag the size of a moneyed man's coinpurse made typically of non-irritating materials such as chinese silk or tanned cowhide. When such materials are not available burlap or simple cotton will suffice. The opening is tied with jute string tightened either around the base of the shaft or for the well-endowed, around neck, and the entire garment is bundled around one's junk so as to protect it from the elements. In recent years it has ceased to be solely functional, and now is worn for decorative purposes or during religious ceremonies
Tad preferred a burlap dickbag to strengthen and texturalize his junk.
by Tad McGee March 02, 2006
19 35
A bag containing 36 dicks. No more. No less.


Someone who is 36 times worse than your average dick.
Kevin: Hey Mason, guess what I got you for Christmas?
Mason: What?
Kevin: A dickbag!
Mason: It's just what I've always wanted!


Matt: I fucked you dad.
Mason: You dickbag!
by Barbecued Ribs May 13, 2010
178 65
another term for a dickhead, but slightly more offensive.
you took the last beer. you dickbag.
by dirk dig November 19, 2004
172 82
An insult or name used to describe one who behaves like a douche bag, asshole, or jerk.
1. That guy just tripped me! What a dick bag!

2. Kyle Rudolph
by Greg June 23, 2004
107 38
A bag of dicks. Not a scrotum.
Shut the fuck up, dickbag.
by Z. Goldfish July 30, 2005
86 56
Combination of douchebag and Dickhead. Instead of a douchebag, the person is also a dick.An insult used on someone not as often as douchebag but is more offensive and the right word when douchebag does not properly apply.
Person 1 : Dude i took the last beer in the fridge.
Person 2 : You douchebag
Person 1 : if you think im a douchebag, wait till you see what Person 3 did.
Person 3 : I took a dump on your sink thinking it was a toilet and i am not cleaning it.
Person 2: YOU DICKBAG!!!!!
by ^____^ Kekeke April 18, 2011
35 9
condom, or any object used to prevent impregnation of the female

e.g. sock
Britt wouldnt let Mike fuck her without a dick bag.

lol britt just kidding we love you
by Megan and Shelley November 23, 2004
90 66
usually used as a light insult, toward solely friends, as it is not really insulting at all; a jerk; sometimes used in place of idiot;
jim: bob, i've got a confession to make.
bob: yea, jim?
jim: i fucked your mother.
bob: you dickbag!
by sir nathaniel August 01, 2008
32 20