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Quite simply, male genitalia.
My dickage is on show, bruv.
by spunko December 19, 2003
To give someone an unfair deal; to screw someone over.
"You're going to have to cover my shift"

"That is complete dickage"
by LannyM March 18, 2005
to take a male humans dick and pwn a female humans vagina.
"There is some serious dickage going on in their room."
by Quagalicious-Louise-Negra August 19, 2009
To lay the dick down just right and in good measure.
"Man, I gave her good dickage the other night. She realy couldn't take it!"
by Sam O November 16, 2006
A collection of photos or memoribilia related to the male erection
a dickage is to collect photos, memoribilia, or samples of things pertaining to the male erection more commonly known as penis
by aquilarory February 18, 2013
A dickage-a person (usually a guy) who is being stupid or an asshole.
Dude, He is being SUCH a dickage to her. He didn't even apologize for killing her fish!
by Kayande August 02, 2010
to have a bump or shadow formed by your penis.

kinda like cleavage but for guys
damn yesterday i had really small shorts on and i had major dickage showing
by tello f. baby September 20, 2007