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1. The dumbest person you know. Someone who makes stupid mistakes, and has "dumb blonde" characteristics.

2. D.A.L. is also a secret organization of only the highest ranking selection of "dick-a-licks". Goes under the code-name: Defends all losers.
Chody: Yeah, I got a 21 on the ACT, that thing was so hard

D.A.L. member: I could take a shit on the test and get a better ACT score than that, dick-a-lick!

Person 1: I think three rights... make a wrong

Person 2: Three rights make a left and you're a dick-a-lick...
#dick #a #lick #dick a lick #d.a.l. #dal #defends all losers #dick-a-lick
by The Human Centicorn December 31, 2011
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