a sleazy,sneaky yet stupid person.
hey, stop tring to take advantage of that drunken, passed out cheer leader you dickweasel.
by mdmE April 21, 2003
Top Definition
A sneaky guy who has no shame in plotting to get girls to have sex with him. Usually college guys who get girls drunk and take advantage of them.
Freshman Larry is such a dick weasel. He only went to the Frat Party because he knew he could get Wendy drunk and screw her brains out.
by toast455 July 05, 2005
A person whose attitude and manner of being is both being rude and not trustworthy
Did you here what Jason was saying earlier?

Yeah he's a real dickweasel!
by NocMedic February 11, 2014
A small creature that fits in the center of one's palm and when frightened will scurry under the covers of one's bed. Dick Weasels become hungry very easily and should be fed often. Usually blue in color.
Dude, did you lose your Dick Weasel the other night, I found one in my bed.
by Hobohut90 June 15, 2009
A guy that tries to get involved in sex between a couple, usually in a sneaky fashion. He is not opposed to dp to get in between aforementioned sex, because as everyone knows, dp (whether softcore or otherwise) as long as balls dont touch, you arent homosexual
Tony: sooo, youre girl is looking pretty hot tonight...

Shawn: dude, stop being a dick weasel; we arent having a threesome
by Tequila Mockingbird August 25, 2008
Someone who is persistently annoying.

A person (husband) who smacks your ass every time you walk past the couch he is lounging on.
Jarron you are such a DICK WEASEL.
by ashlyn445 September 28, 2009
small creature that burrows up through the meatus(pee-hole) and slowly eats your penis away from the inside
1) damn guys, i think i lost it. my cialis wouldnt even work last night, i must have a dick weasel.
by Big Al March 10, 2005

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